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A graphic design studio specializing in brands and illustration.

Advanced Dermatology
& Aesthetic Medicine

When Dr. Rani opened her dermatology practice in Chicago’s South Loop, Remo Remo Design helped her get started. She needed a brand that would speak to her audience, celebrate patients’ diverse skin types and build a clientele. We created a comprehensive plan so Dr. Rani could focus on providing care for her patients.


- Logo
- Visual Identity
- Website
- Photography
- Signage
- Interior Design

Photo contribution by David + Des


Dr. Rani’s practice provides two kinds of treatment: medical and cosmetic. That duality required her brand to balance the medical nature with a boutique experience.



Business cards and vouchers were printed on thick, uncoated paper with a hint of fibers to extend the medical practice’s boutique experience.



As a private practice, Dr. Rani needed to differentiate her service from others and those affiliated with local Chicago hospitals. Through her website, photographer David Lai celebrated the relationships with her long-time patients and their families. The photographs also enabled Dr. Rani’s target audience to connect with her diverse patients and treatments.

I started the process not knowing much other than I wanted to open my own practice and see patients in the way I liked to practice medicine. Remo didn’t just design my website, logo and brand, he worked with me to define a comprehensive vision for my practice that allows me to create a patient experience, not just another doctor’s appointment.
— Dr. Rani, Advanced Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine


Dr. Rani sought guidance on bringing the brand experience to her practice with the intention of the environment feeling bright, hygienic and comfortable. Remo Remo Design provided direction with everything from the use of color, layout of the space and selection of furniture, to the signage and decor.


Remo was amazing at guiding me through the process of design; he first helped me understand my aesthetic, and then guided me through the world of design with various exercises, examples. He gave guidance and recommendations when I was unsure of what to do, but never did it feel like it was his will imposed on me. At the end, what we built feels like a complete reflection of my voice. And he was instrumental in helping me find it.
— Dr. Rani, Advanced Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine
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