Athens, Georgia, NYC

Editorial Illustration, Good Beer Hunting article by Amanda Mull


"When Georgia is playing, you show up at the Georgia bar—as much for an opportunity to watch the game as an opportunity to be around other people exactly as far from home as you are.”


"The people inside the Georgia bar don’t look like the people in my neighborhood or social circle. Everyone is well-scrubbed and employed-looking, like they have health insurance good enough that they aren’t afraid to try using it.”


"The flight from Atlanta to New York is only two hours and change, but if you’re going to tell a native of the tristate that you’re really into college football, you might as well be telling them you’re a cricket fanatic. You’ll get the same look either way.”


"When I first started going to American Whiskey, I was shocked by how much it felt like the real thing, like watching a game back home."